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:. Hungarian Aeronautical Research Platform

HARP has been established in September 2006 by five founders:
Hungarian Aviation Industry Foundation                                                    
Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE)                      
Department of Aircraft and Ships
KFKI Vibration Laboratory                                                               
Bonn Hungary Ltd.                                                                         
Slot Consulting Ltd.                                                                           

Main objectives of the Research Platform:
1.To provide organizational framework for Aeronautical research in Hungary
2.To help the best research organizations to diversify into aerospace
3.To support the Hungarian Aerospace Cluster in product development
4.To launch complex research projects with integrating members’ capabilities
5.To participate in FP7 and other EU research programmes
6.To establish new R&D relationships with EU countries

Organizations in  the  HARP network:
BUTE Department of Fluid Mechanics                                                    
BUTE Department of Control for Transportation and Vehicle Systems                                       
BUTE Department of Energy Engineering                                                
Miskolc University Department of Chemistry                                           
Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science (MTA-MFA)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
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       :. Research  News

:: New Research Brochure
A new brochure was published by
HITA and HAIF in June 2013:
The Hungarian Aeronautics
R&D Sector. See the Downloads
menu for more.

:: FP7 Info Day Nov 30 2009
An FP7 Information day on
Transportation (including
Aeronautics) was organized by
NKTH on the 30th of November in
Budapest. HAIF and HATP was
represented by Mr. Mihaly Hideg,
Mr. Roland Gurály and Mr. Janos
Solymosi. Presentations can be
downloaded from NKTH website.

:: 01 December 2006 - HARP
An FP7 Aeronautical Research
Workshop was held in Budapest
on 27th-28th of November.
Foreign and Hungarian organiza-
tions held more than 30
presentations during the two-day
Representatives of Airbus,
Thales, Alenia Aeronautica
and Safran gave detailed
overview of the Green Sky Joint
Technology Initiative (JTI)
project  to the participants.
The aim of the JTI project is to
develop a brand new, green, ultra
high-tech family of aircraft and
engines under the leadership of
the major European aircraft and
engine manufacturers.