The Corvus Phantom UL full composite sport aircraft got certification in Germany and Italy in 2008.
It has two versions and can be ordered with three different engine types.

The company's newest one-seater racing aircraft debuted in April 2009 during the Aero Friedrichshafen expo.
The racing aircraft was designed especially by the request of Hungarian world champion: Mr.Peter Besenyei.

The CDMS system developed by SGF Ltd. is installed at the board of the Rosetta Lander which was launched from Kourou, French Guyana in 2004 by the European Space Agency.
It will rendezvous with a comet called Churyumov-Gerasimenko beyond the Mars’s orbit, and its Lander will descend onto the surface of the comet in 2014. CDMS is in charge of controlling the whole Lander operation, including preparations for separation from the orbiter, thermal and power management, as well as separation, descent and touch down.

On-board Flight Data Archiving Box and Analysing System for Small Airplanes (DABAS) is a load and fatingue register equipment for Small airplanes. It weghts only 450 gr, contains embedded 32 bit microprocessor and huge size of non-volatile redundant memories. The off-line data read out is realised trough Ethernet network. Several methods are implemented to visualise and analyse the stored data both in numerical and graphical forms. The system was developed by SGF Ltd.

The Hydro-Pteron two-seat full composite amphibian is one of our most exciting prototype for the leisure market, developed by Idea-Aircraft Llc. based in Miskolc.
The aircraft is equipped with Rotax engine and has a variable pitch pushing propeller. Cruising speed is set at 180 km/h.
It  debuted in April 2009 during Aero Fridrichshafen in Germany.

BHE’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System (UAV) is a new reconnaissance system, that  can follow a pre-programmed route while sending real time video signal and position information back to the ground control station.
The system can be effectively used by companies to patrol their distant premises or any type of network - could it be electric wires, oil pipe-lines or towers.  Due to the compact size (length: 1,5m / wing span: 3,15m) and intelligent software, government organizations and emergency services  also can take advantage of this new product.

All things change. So does the Hungarian Aerospace Industry. The last decade brought remarkable changes to our industry, new high-tech products and solutions are emerging every year:
In order  to facilitate and speed up the development of our Aerospace Industry Hungarian Aviation Industry Foundation (HAIF) initiated the establishment of the Hungarian Aerospace Technology Platform (HATP) on the 9th of November 2007.

The new organization will represent
50+ SMEs in design, R/D, testing and manufacturing fields. HATP will be co-chaired by Mr. Mihaly Hideg (Aeronautics) and Mr. Janos Solymosi (Space).
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BXE UAV system