:. Mission

Our mission is to
pursue the con-
tinuous growth and
development of the
Hungarian Aviation
:. Vision

To become the
catalyst and fa-
cilitator of the in-
dustry develop-
ment process while
helping the best
Hungarian com-
panies to join the
global aviation
industry by way of
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:. Objectives

The Foundation has been established to support the development of the Hungarian Aviation Industry, to facilitate its growing cooperation with European
Aviation Industry, to widen its scope, to make it better spread geographically and to deepen its manufacturing, maintenance, repair activity and other services
in accordance with Euro-Atlantic integration goals of  Hungary and with the long-term aim of creating more jobs in this business.
In line with regional development policy of Hungary, the Foundation also initiates, promotes and supports green-field investments primarily with foreign capital

The Foundation wants to achieve the above goals using its Hungarian and foreign connections and through performing following tasks:

1.Developing mid and long term strategies for the development of the Hungarian Aerospace Industry;
2.Developing market research methods, seeking cooperation opportunities with potential foreign investors, coordinating with those for the development of
Hungarian Aviation Industry;
3.Exploring potential foreign markets for the existing Hungarian companies;
4.Analysis and research of opportunities, regulations and possible support procedures facilitating liaison between foreign suppliers, entrepreneurs, investors
and domestic entrepreneurs, companies, regional organizations, authorities, offices and bodies;
5.Provide consultancy support for investors, coordinate and organize the investment process;
6.Identify and provide experts for preparation and implementation of aviation industry development projects;
7.Working out training curriculums and manuals for the people involved in  aviation industry development projects - mainly in technical, management, logistics
and quality assurance fields;
8.Working out retraining and continuative training materials and methods primarily for workers with medium level qualification and not having aviation industry
experience, organization of such courses to provide manpower resources for the developing aviation industry;
9.Carry out scientific research;
10.Support Euro-Atlantic integration process