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Q: Does the Aerospace Industry have an industry specific Quality Management System?
A: Yes, it is called AS 9100 (AS stands for Aerospace) in the US and EN 9100 in EU.

Q: Is it mandatory to implement for all suppliers?
A: It is not mandatory, but necessary, since large contractors like Airbus or Boeing require it from suppliers.
The vast majority of suppliers already implemented it. There is a strong trend in the industry of implementation
of AS/EN 9100 QM System worldwide. From 2010 you will have no chance to become an aerospace supplier
without this certification.

Q:Has AS/EN 9100 commonality with ISO 9001 QM System?
A: It is actually based on ISO 9001 logic and structure but additional aerospace industry-specific requirements
were added to make it applicable to aerospace industry needs. More details

Q: Are there suppliers in Hungary who already have AS/EN 9100 certification?
A: Yes, at least 20 companies implemented it in the past 2 years, and 12 more will implement it by the middle
of 2011.

Q: How can I implement it to my company?
A: You can contact with such request first the company who issued ISO 9001 certification to your company.
Several consulting companies in Hungary can help you with the implementation.
Major companies like: SGS, TÜV, Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register can issue AS/EN 9100 certification.

Q: Can I find AS/EN 9100 related training materials on the web?
A: Yes, you can find and purchase training materials, Quality Manual  and Procedure Package templates on
this website:

International Aerospace Quality Group
is a cooperative organization of the global aerospace industry. Its processes are established in a set of agreed, documented, operational procedures.
Implement initiatives that make significant improvements in quality and reductions in cost throughout the value stream by establishing and maintaining dynamic co-operation, based on trust, between international aerospace companies.
• Establish commonality of quality
  standards & requirements
- Common aerospace basic quality
- Best practices in aerospace industry
- Performance metrics
• Establish process of continual
  improvement at suppliers to bring the
  initiatives to life. 
• Establish methods to share results.
- audits
- inspections
- supplier performance
• Coordinate initiatives and activities with
  regulatory and government agencies and
  other industry stakeholders interests.
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