20 July 2016 :: HAC
GENEVIATION Ltd. has deve-
loped a new generation aero-
batic aircraft in Hungary.
The flight tests of GENPRO has already started at Jakabszállás airport.

11 April 2016 :: HAIF

The electric-driven airplane Magnus eFusion has made its maiden flight in Kecskemet, Hungary on April 11. The eFusion developed by Magnus Aircraft Corp. is a two-seat side-by-side low-wing monoplane with non-retractable tricycle landing gear. The empty weight of 410 kg includes the batteries and the ballistic recovery system. The aircraft has a maximum takeoff weight of 600 kg. Siemens designed a safe and robust battery system for aviation use and optimized the electric propulsion system for application in the price-sensitive segments of Very Light, Light Sport and Ultra Light Aircraft categories. More

25 November 2011 :: HAC

Under the leadership of HITA Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency and
HAC six Hungarian companies participated at the European Defence Meetings in Bordeaux between 23-24 November 2011. Dendrit Llc, Gravitas 2000 Llc, Bonn Hungary Electronics llc, Borsodi Műhely Llc, Macher Llc, Magyarmet Llc and Rea-Tech Llc exhibited their products and services.

15 June 2010 :: HAC
By the initiative of HAIF an AS9100 QMS system implementation project was launched with the support of the Hungarian Govern-ment in 2008.
By now 20 Hungarian SMEs received the AS9100 Certification from SGS Hun-garia Llc.
12 out of these 20 SMEs are
HAC members.

30 April 2009 :: HAC
joined EACP the Euro-
pean Aerospace Cluster Partnership organization. By now EACP has 36 members from 12 countries.

18 January 2008 :: HAC
joined ECARE+
The European Communities Aeronautics REsearch+ project  funded under the Aeronautics & Space priority of FP6. It follows up on the ECARE project (2003-2005) and its goal is to capitalize on the first project to deliver better service to European aeronautical SMEs. The project started on February 1st, 2006 and will last 30 months. Currently it has 32 members.

30 Sept 2006:: HAC

A collaboration Agreement was signed between the Hungarian Aerospace Cluster
(HAC) and the Hamburg based Hanse-Aerospace Cluster during "European Aerospace Clusters Network" workshop held in Rzeszow Poland on the 28th of September.
The two clusters will cooperate in cabin systems development projects, joint research and best practice sharing.

18 Sept 2006 :: HAC
A Collaboration Agreement was signed between the  Hungarian Aerospace Cluster
(HAC) and the Aviation Valley Poland in September. The collaboration will focus on research, product development, best practice sharing and joint marketing of GA category aircraft.

28 July 2006  :: HAC

A Collaboration Agreement was signed by the Hungarian Aerospace Cluster (
HAC) and Pannon Automotive Cluster (PANAC) on the 27th of July in Budapest.

The long term objective of the agreement is the creation of a diversified high-technology based vehicle industry. The Clusters will launch projects that will contribute to:
ˇClose up the gap between the European and Hungarian vehicle industry
ˇThe diversification of the  best Hungarian automotive part manufacturers to aerospace
ˇThe incorporation of competitive, vehicle related industries: electronics, informatics and communication into the aerospace network
The Clusters also would like to attract the attention of related industries to the hidden synergies in  technologies and services used by the two industries.
The mid-term goal of the Clusters is to improve collaboration in the fields of innovation, research and development and better contribution to the implementation of new technologies, solutions and services to the Hungarian vehicle industry.
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