:. Members of the Hungarian Aerospace Cluster

The Hungarian Aerospace Cluster was established in
March 2006 by HAIF and four sport aircraft developers.

                                Later more SME-s joined the
                                Cluster dealing with: design and
                                engineering, rapid prototyping,
                                software development,
                                embedded systems, metal and
composite part manufacturing, wire harness manufac-
turing, bowden cable manufacturing, turbine part
machining and testing.

Our Members:

Halley Ltd. - Ultralights, autogyros and trikes
Genevation Ltd - Composite aircraft and parts
Avana Industries Ltd. - Composite aircraft and parts
eCon Engineering Ltd. - FEA with Ansys, CAE services
CAD-Terv Engineering Ltd.  - CAD/Catia Design
Delta-Tech Engineering Ltd. - Design of special machinery
C3D Engineering Ltd. - 3D CAD design, virtual simulations
Varinex Ltd. - Rapid prototyping
Technoplast Ltd. - Rapid prototyping
Dendrit Ltd. - Machining turbine parts
Produktum Ltd. - Design of maintenance stands
Borsodi Műhely Ltd. - Machining, heat treatment
Macher Ltd. - Wire harnesses
Aviatronic Ltd. - Electronics, software development
Ostorhazi Ltd. - Special coatings
CAE Engineering Ltd. - Software development
Elektrometall Paks Ltd. - Wire harness mfg.
Idea Aircraft Ltd. - Composite aircraft development
ELTEC Hungary - Wire harness mfg.
Meshining engineering Ltd. - CAD/CAE engineering services
Gravitas 2000 Ltd. - Machining
CFD engineering Ltd. - CFD services
ABF Bowdentechnika Ltd. - Mechanical control cables
ARTIFEX Ltd. - Training and simulation systems
Hungaro-Copter Ltd. - Light helicopter development
SkyCruiser Autogyro Ltd. - Gyrocopter development
evopro Ltd. - System integration&Embedded systems
Drone Europe Ltd. - UAV development
QUALIFORM Plc. - Aluminum casting

The majority of our members are AS9100 certified by
SGS Hungaria Ltd. The others have either ISO 9001:2008
or certifications from automotive industry.
All companies are SMEs and privately owned.
Our Cluster is a founding member of the European
Aerospace Cluster Partnership EACP. HAC has
collaboration agreement with Hanse-Aerospace, Aviation
Valley Poland, PANAC Automotive Cluster and with the
Hungarian Ship Cluster.

Objectives of the Cluster

1. Speed up the development of the Hungarian Aerospace
2. Diversification of the best part manufacturers to
3. Creation of a network of aerospace and related
4. Development of new Hungarian designed small
aerospace vehicles
5. Organize the production of these vehicles regionally
6. Organize and develop complementary capabilities among
Hungarian   firms to be able to manufacture higher
assemblies for large aircraft
7. Achieve synergies and economies of scale using
networking in the fields of design, development, training,
logistics, quality (AS 9100), IT, marketing and certification
8. Introduction of modern management methods and
principles to the SME sector – six sigma, lean manufacturing
9. Develop new supplier relationships with other countries
10. Replace expensive foreign suppliers with low cost ones
Contacts:  Budapest Hungary   Tel: 361 7049665  Mobile: +36 30 3748145   Email:hidegmihaly@gmail.com, aerocluster@gmail.com
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Corvus Racer  developed by Corvus Aircraft
Corvus Racer at the New York  Red Bull Race
Our Corvus Racer 540 aircraft debuted in 2010 in Canada, the only European type in the Red Bull Air Race: piloted by Peter Besenyei...
Apollo Gyro
SC-200 New
eFusion maiden flight by Magnus Aircraft
:. HAC experimental aircraft
Electric-driven eFusion debuted in 2016
New generation of Aerobatics - 2016
GENPRO developed by Geneviation Ltd.